Immerse yourself in the rich history and vibrant culture of Battle, East Sussex, through a series of exciting events that promise to captivate locals and visitors alike. From historical reenactments at the iconic Battle Abbey to lively community festivals celebrating local arts and music, Battle’s events are a tapestry of entertainment and tradition. Join us in commemorating the town’s heritage, enjoying diverse cultural experiences, and fostering a strong sense of community. Discover the charm and excitement of Battle through a calendar of events that bring its stories to life.

Battle Bonfire

One of the best nights of the year in Battle. Here in Battle we know how to celebrate Bonfire night, it may have something to do with having celebrations since 1649!

The head you will see on our Guy Fawkes is believed to have been created around 1795 and is made from pearwood. Each year a new body was made including an excessively tall body in 1897 when the guy was a good 12 foot tall!
The tradition of detaching and burning the body stopping around the 1940s and since then the effigy is used as part of the celebrations but doesn’t see the flames of the fire.

Battle Festival of Arts & Music

Battle Festival is an arts and music festival in Battle, East Sussex. Running in July in its eleventh year, Battle Festival has quickly become a cultural gem in the South East’s calendar, With its diverse, family-friendly focus, the Festival programmes an eclectic range of events and activities by internationally acclaimed, award-winning artists.

The Festival maintains a firm commitment to community engagement and education.
Alongside the programme of events, it runs an extensive range of workshops and demonstrations designed to develop and mentor talent.